HDPE Grow Bag 18"x15"

SKU: GB008
HDPE Grow Bag 18" X 15"


Width (or) Diameter: 18 inches

Height: 15 inches 

Size of usage: Deep root plants grow

Density (or) Thickness: 250 GSM

Water trash holes: Available

Full UV stability against the sunlight for a longer life

Made from durable woven polyethylene element

Complete Specification

The HDPE grow bag which we offer are extremely durable and UV Stabilized, which are widely used to grow all types of plants available in various sizes and various density.

Coco–peat, vermicompost or garden soil can be used as growing medium.

This grow bag can be used to grow all kind of longest root plants for Kitchen/Terrace gardening with lightweight and portability these bags can be placed anywhere and occupy very less space.

It's lightweight and portability, they can be easily moved anywhere around the garden or terrace.

Plants that can be grown




Drum stick

Curry leaves 





All larger medicinal plants

All larger ornamental plants


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